Thank you, Jessamyn, for the best librarian mission statement I’ve ever read.

“Librarianship both is and is not sexy. Exploit that. Go be secretly awesome. Then tell someone.” This is the final statement in the text from Jessamyn West’s talk to Library Camp at ETIG (a conference I’ve never heard of, but happens in Canada, so it is instantly double-awesome), which she so kindly posted for all to read. (p.s. How much do I want to give a presentation entitled “Now I Will Inspire You” to the staff at my school?) 

If I didn’t feel a little weird about having a mission statement for a middle school library with “sexy” in it, I would plaster that all over my library and print it on five T-shirts, one for every work day. In fact, I can’t really think of a better mantra for most of my kids than “Go be secretly awesome. Then tell someone.”

(p.p.s. Jessamyn is publicly awesome and I’ve been reading her blog for years, since right before I started library school. I don’t know her, but she seems like one of the coolest librarians evah, and one day I’ll send her a postcard.)

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