48 Hour Book Challenge: Five down, sleep interferes

The Fruit Bowl Project (NOT The Fruits Basket Project as I keep calling it in my head) doesn’t seem to have a lot of legs outside of the classroom. It’s a fine quick little read, but the first half of the book that’s set-up doesn’t really have that much connection to the meat of the premise, or the variations on a theme. It’s also fairly tedious to read through all the different versions of the story when they’re not terribly inventive (the crazy genres and the math versions worked better for me here than interminable POVs.)

Savvy, on the other hand, I really liked. It has its faults, overt folksiness being the chief amongst them, but I really cared about that ragtag bunch of misfits who you never thought would make it through the season. The ending even made me a little teary. I loved all the little romantic subplots (particularly the bus driver/Bible deliveryman falls in love with sassy diner waitress) and how the climactic scenes managed to be full of action and funny at the same time. There’s something vaguely Sharon Creech-y (or Richard Peck-ish?) about Law’s tone throughout

that blended well with the fantastic elements.

In meta-challenge news, I decided to take a shower and a short walk over to the public library to pick up some holds and bid a tearful adieu to my first three 48HBC reads. And pick up a chocolate milkshake. Which was my lunch. Because apparently I’m trying to recreate what my life was like when I was ten, when I was completely fueled by kid’s books and sugar. Seriously, throw in some boxed mac-n-cheese and reruns of Highway to Heaven and it would be 1989 in my apartment today.  Also, Route 11 BBQ potato chips are totally the best ever. They also make a good dinner. Just saying. I knocked back The Fruit Bowl Project quickly upon my return and was knee-deep into Savvy when I made the mistake of laying down on the couch to read. Yeah. The mid-evening nap is totally my fatal flaw in this thing (and was my undoing last night also… why can’t I learn?) After a very extended nap, I woke up, cursed a little, and tucked in to finish off Savvy and blog a bit. I’m actually feeling pretty good now, so I’m gonna see if I can make some headway on a short book (Edward’s Eyes, I think) so that I’m ending the night strong.

Progress update:

Reading time: 11 hours

Blogging/Twittering/blog-reading: 3.5 hours

Total 48HBC time: 14.5 hours

Books finished: 5

Pages read: 1239 pages (past the 1000 page mark=squee!)

Junk food dinner: stomach grumbling


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  1. I was so happy to see your post of Savvy. It was my car audio book a couple weeks ago. I really enjoyed it also. I’m looking forward to the companion novel that is coming out.

    • A companion novel? Nice! I didn’t know that, and I would definitely pick it up.

  2. Keep up the good work! You’re almost halfway there!

    • Thanks for the encouragement!

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