48 Hour Book Challenge: Three down, dinner break

I realized while reading my third book that if I want to take my afternoon walk to the public library, I’ll need to bring back the first three books I’ve read, and so I won’t have them to make a pile of vanquished tomes at the end of the marathon. So here’s the pile of potential foes as it stands this morning, with the three slain amongst them.

Even 48HBC did not keep me from diner breakfast with Mr. Penny and my currently uninterrupted weekend streak of eggs Benedict. Also, ill-advised snacks were procured.

Book the Third was Chalice by Robin McKinley. Which was beetastic and totally full of bees, kinda giving me the heebeejeebees. (Bees! Ha! Get it? *sigh*) Seriously, stinging flying insects freak me out. I didn’t love it (I kinda need more longing and action in my Beauty and the Beast retellings) but it did make me want to embark on a massive McKinley re-readathon. (Beauty, it’s been too long.)  It’s circular and quiet and full of nature magic and definitely got a well-built world. (The Forests of Hands and Teeth, I’m looking sideways at you.) Mirasol is a classic McKinley heroine: strong, sure in her actions while unsure of herself, and deeply moral in an unassuming way.

My fourth book is The Fruit Bowl Project by Sarah Durkee, a short book that should give me a boost a la the Rocky theme song to keep trucking into the evening hours. Also, there will be a shower and a trip to the public library in order to stretch my legs and breath the free air.

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  1. I’m a McKinley fan too! And, like you, it’s almost time for a re-read–but there are so many new books on my pile….

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