Stargirl: Yeah, I’d hit that.

So one of my teachers walks into the library this morning and tells me about his class readaloud of Stargirl. (Could this be the start of a really bad joke also involving a priest and a rabbi?) Whenever he does this unit, he asks the kids at the end whether they would have the guts to date Stargirl themselves. Apparently, kids always say no, quoted as “No way. That girl is CRAZY.”

To which this teacher and I agree: you’re fools, kids. Date Stargirl. Best sex ever. Like, of your life.

Any other inappropriate thoughts about children’s literature you’d like to share?

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  1. I have no inappropriate thoughts, unless inappropriate thoughts include reading middle grade fiction and shipping the male characters. I probably should be ashamed of myself, but I got over it after the fourth of fifth time I read Holes and went, “Gosh, they’re so in love.” re: Stanley and Hector.

    • I think I more often shipped middle grade fiction with myself in the younger days (in a “George Cooper, CALL ME!” kind of way) but now that I’m a grown-up married librarian-type, I see the possible connections between characters more (most recently notably the Raffin/Bann subtext, as you’ve already noted 🙂 )

      • I’ve noted it and written 600 words of bad fanfic for it already! Watch out, Graceling fandom. >.>

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