Getting ready for the 48-Hour Book Challenge

Motherreader’s 48-Hour Book Challenge is more than half the reason I started this blog. Or, maybe, it just gave me the kick in the pants to actually go through with it. Anyway, it’s nearly upon us, and, if the fun of getting ready for it is any indication, this weekend is gonna be an absolute blast. (If, by “absolute blast,” I mean I’m gonna sequester myself in my apartment with a huge stack of YA books and some snacks. It’s a blast on my terms, people.. it’s all relative.)

Mr. Penny will be away all day Saturday, so I’ve just about cleared my calendar for a two day window from Friday to Sunday evening. Honestly, I think my biggest downfall will be afternoon napping, which has sabotaged many a plan to finish a book over the weekend. Abby the Librarian had some good tips for planning and pacing yourself over the weekend that I’m going to try to take to heart. I’m assembling a stack of books from school to match the leftovers from last summer (my summer reading eyes are bigger than my… summer reading eyes?) and I’m hoping to bat cleanup on the YA books I’ve got out from the public library too. Of course it will be way more than is humanly possible to read in 48 hours, says the girl who just hit the limit on her Netflix queue and has a “to-be-read” spreadsheet that tops 6000 books.

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  1. I never thought I would “meet” someone with a longer TBR list than mine. I get a lot of mileage out of the fact that mine runs to three volumes (I go lo-tech and use notebooks), but even at my best estimates you’ve blown me out of the water. Wow.

  2. Yeah, it actually makes me a little sad to think that, at my current rate, it would take me over 30 years to read all the books on my TBR list (and more being published everyday!). I’ve been keeping the spreadsheet since 2003, when I switched over from scraps of paper ad the margins of notebooks. It’s actually kinda funny how books show up on the list more than once, since I’ve been keeping it for so long… that’s how I can tell when I REALLY want to read something.

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