The School Librarian’s Glad Game

Right now I’ve been gripped by premature “school’s out for summer” fever, so it’s probably time to get my head back in the game for the tail end of May and all that June to come. So here are some great things about being a middle school librarian:

  1. Boxes of new books. My last one (grant-funded) for the year showed up today, full of shiny new nonfiction.
  2. The giant purple book dragon that’s going to show up in the library sometime this week. The amazing product of two special-ed classes and some incredibly inventive teachers and paras is going to live in the library permanently, guarding the entrance to our student art gallery. It’s complete with wings that fold down and a computer monitor in its belly that I can hook up to a laptop for slideshows and such.
  3. The date stamp. It makes a satisfying ka-chunk. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.
  4. Kids who come back for more after you’ve given them a recommendation that hit home.
  5. Checking teen books out to teachers (particularly Tamora Pierce fans who need readalikes).
  6. Planning summer reading challenges for the school.
  7. The wide range of books my school reads, from Henry and Mudge to Life of Pi (some of today’s returns). Sometimes this causes reading level angst, but fundamentally I like the freedom in picking books to serve such a wide range of abilities.

… of course, summer vacation rocks, too.

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