Bloggiesta Wrap-Up

Hello, Pedro (and Maw Books). Here’s my Bloggiesta wrap-up:

Hours spent blogging/Twittering/reading & commenting on blogs: 10

Tasks completed:

  • First post of the year here at Dreadful Penny: Bloggiesta, Resolution-ish, and Book Blogging in General
  • Long Gchat with Diablevert in preparation for our next Along with a Hammer post
  • Signed up to be a Powell’s Partner (less for the piles of cash that I’m sure are about to come pouring through that little linky, and more for an easier way to upload quick links to books and book jackets)
  • Signed up for Evernote to keep track of all the logins and bits of info I always seem to need whenever I’m blogging, then lose track of
  • Started a page for all my 2010 reading challenges, which is in draft form now, but I hope to complete and make live this week
  • Ummm… worked on this wrap-up? Ooh, and all these mini-challenges…

Mini-challenges completed:

* Rebecca from The Book Lady’s Blog – 2010 Resolutions: My laissez-faire manifesto was my first post of the year, and kicked off my Bloggiesta participation.
* Pam from MotherReader – Comment Challenge: Entered and enthusiastically begun (although there was perhaps some cheating with the comments left in the Bloggiesta mini-challenge posts being counted… but I think that’s OK, right?). I got my ten in to complete this mini-challenge and will do my best to keep up for the rest of January (and thanks to folks who’ve stopped by to comment here!)
* Danielle from There’s a Book – Cheatsheets: Made cheatsheets for the two memes I’ve done in the past, and hope to participate in more in the future (Weekly Geeks and What Are They Reading?), made a trial cheetsheet for future Goodreads round-up posts, and recorded some basic info about my pages and sidebar in case I ever majorly screw something up.
* Pam from – Copyright & Footers: You can’t really get your copyright notice into the footer on your WordPress-hosted blog without upgrading and futzing with the stylesheets, so you’ll find mine on the bottom of my sidebar.
* Beth from Beth Fish Reads – Categories & Labels: My tags were not too bad, but even the few labels I had suffered from obscurantism and coquettishness. No need to be coy, so I cleaned them up and streamlined, for the most part.
* Jackie from Farm Lane Books – Back It Up: Actually just figured out how to do this the other day with another blog, so now completed for this and Along with a Hammer.
* Karin from Karin’s Book Nook – Dead Link Hunt: My results were, frankly, inconclusive, as the two link checkers I tried threw up all sorts of weird results and internal server errors that I think had very little to do with the average visitor’s experience with the site. But, I still consider this one completed.
* Jenn from Jenn’s Bookshelves – Brainstorming Blogging Topics: This was easy… writing the posts will be the hard part.

Most of the work was spent on this blog, but I’m adding some baby steps to my to-do list for Along with a Hammer and my professional blogs. The best part of many of the mini-challenges is that they really don’t take all that much time, and you feel so productive after completing them (which is pretty much the exact input/output ratio for effort/reward that keeps me motivated).

Since Weekly Geeks this week was also devoted to bloggish/bookish housekeeping, I’m going to figure that this post can count for that too. (Multitasking!)

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Bloggiesta, Resolution-ish, and Book Blogging in General

So here we are, 2010…. *looks new year in the eye with slight skepticism and hand poised on her six-shooter.*

I started this blog as an off-shoot of a co-blogging project that continues in fits and starts (mostly fits on my part–my esteemed Pulitzer co-blogger Diablevert is the one with her shit together 99% of the time while I’m hanging on her lovely coattails) and as a way to participate in the fun events that I’d started to read about in my now full-to-bursting Google Reader. (I’m still overwhelmed/in awe/envious of so many blogs, so many pages read, so many words written… so much energy devoted to these projects!) I mean, to set aside 48 hours to do nothing but read and eat snacks seems wasteful most weekends, even for a librarian, but PERFECTLY NORMAL AND MAYBE EVEN PROFESSIONAL SO PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE if you’re writing about it.

The problem is what you do with the darn thing for the rest of the time. Setting up a writing practice has always been difficult for me, whether it’s creative writing of all kinds, keeping a journal (or those godforsaken morning pages when you’re in an Artist’s Way phase… two pages? longhand? before 6 a.m.? I mean, can Julia Cameron even comprehend the struggle of my tiny little-old-lady handwriting attempting to fill that much page real estate before the sun comes up?), and, now, blogging.

Here’s part of the problem: I don’t really like writing book reviews. I love Goodreads (insert big sloppy open-mouthed kiss here) because three or four pithy sentences dashed off immediately after reading seem so substantial. Plus, you get to click on stars that light up to reflect your opinions! And then other people fight with you about them and all your friends’ opinions about books live happily together in a big virtual literary Avenue Q! Yay the internets! But writing substantial book reviews on ANOTHER whole website with only my fake name on it where those thoughts have to stand alone and maybe be considered really mean and start flame wars (I’m looking at you, rage-filled thoughts about The Actor and the Housewife) AND take away valuable reading/living/watching Battlestar Galactica time to even maintain said site… that just gets me down.

So, in 2010, I’m going to embrace the idea that a school librarian’s book blog can not actually contain very many book reviews at all, and mostly just be all about showing up to the party with snacks. There are a bunch of reading challenges that I’ll be participating in (some of which I’m totally cheating on, since I’ve accidentally completed them in past years without even knowing it) and I’ll keep showing up for all-night reading marathons. Maybe I’ll even catch up on Goodreads (Goodreads, call me!) and figure out a way to feed my teeny tiny reviews here as I write them. But, mostly, just as I have firmly NOT resolved to make this the year that I lose 20 pounds and clean out my closets, I’m not going to make any particular resolution about blogging except to, y’know, occasionally remember that I have one. In fact, I may be setting up a “friends with benefits” relationship with my blog… I promise to take it to homecoming, no pressure, and we can totally make out in the back of my mom’s car and I can use its name on Mr. Linky to sign up for things, but it shouldn’t expect me to, like, call the next day, or anything.

P.S. I realize this is like the Dazed & Confused equivalent of a Bloggiesta kick-off post, but, well, I’m participating, andI suppose one should begin as one means to go on.

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