Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon: The Plan

I’m so excited for Dewey’s readathon this weekend, even though I won’t be able to attempt the full 24 hours. Any excuse to hole up in my apartment with snacks and my TBR pile is A-OK by me. I don’t have a strong set plan right now… I probably won’t quite make my time zone’s start time at 8 a.m., but I’ll try to get up respectably early and read ALL DAY (interruptions only for snacks and a quick trip to the library to refuel). Then Mr. Penny and I have tickets to Anyone Can Whistle (call me, Sondheim!), but the long train ride will be prime reading time, also, and I’ll probably be a little bit eye-tired at that point anyway. Then stay up late-ish, wake up early-ish, and break in time for the MoCCA festival (which last year coincided with MotherReader’s 48-Hour Book Challenge).

I’m going to try to knock out at least one complete book, hopefully more than one, but I’m trying to be modest in my expectations. I have a lot of dribs and drabs of books I’ve been in the middle of for a while, as well as a HUGE TBR pile from three different libraries, so I might be keeping track of pages read more than books completed. I’ll probably try to post updates and tiny reviews as I go (mostly, to document my snack situation). I’ll try not to put my head down and get caught unawares by napping, which was my downfall during 48HBC.

Can’t wait!

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  1. yeah I’m planning on taking it easy as I have a toddler who will want entertaining and taking to the park! Once he’s in bed though I should get a fair few hours in. Good luck!

  2. good luck! I’ll be reading as well! Ahhh, so very much looking forward to this!
    Happy reading!
    ps just a random lurker from the “what are you reading” post

  3. Sounds like a great plan! Have a fun read-a-thon day!

  4. Just stopped by to cheer you on and share a poem for the day.

    If I could have one wish,
    I know what I would say.
    Just give me my books,
    And let me read all day.

    Happy Reading.

    –from your cheerleader, Margot

  5. a word, a sentence, a paragraph, a page. . .
    continue on to that final sigh of contentment
    and then do it again. :)

  6. Hope you are getting some reading accomplished!

  7. Even with all the other stuff, you have a solid plan. Good luck and happy reading!

  8. Sounds like a busy day! Hope you’re getting some reading in!

  9. The reading will stop
    Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
    your book count will be higher
    Just keep thinking about tomorrow
    all the great books you will have to talk about
    with your blog friends
    If you get blurred or sore, or sleepy
    Just stick up your chin
    and grin
    and say
    My TO BE READ PILE, Tomorrow
    will be smaller than it was before
    and your spirits will soar
    because then TOMORROW, TOMORROW You can go shopping TOMORROW at Amazon and BUY SOME MORE!
    :D lol

  10. Have fun and Happy Reading! :)


  11. Happy Readathon! Hope you had a great one. CHEERS!

  12. Such wonderful cheerleading for such a half-assed readathon attempt! I really appreciate it (especially the poems and songs).

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