Bloggiesta, Resolution-ish, and Book Blogging in General

So here we are, 2010…. *looks new year in the eye with slight skepticism and hand poised on her six-shooter.*

I started this blog as an off-shoot of a co-blogging project that continues in fits and starts (mostly fits on my part–my esteemed Pulitzer co-blogger Diablevert is the one with her shit together 99% of the time while I’m hanging on her lovely coattails) and as a way to participate in the fun events that I’d started to read about in my now full-to-bursting Google Reader. (I’m still overwhelmed/in awe/envious of so many blogs, so many pages read, so many words written… so much energy devoted to these projects!) I mean, to set aside 48 hours to do nothing but read and eat snacks seems wasteful most weekends, even for a librarian, but PERFECTLY NORMAL AND MAYBE EVEN PROFESSIONAL SO PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE if you’re writing about it.

The problem is what you do with the darn thing for the rest of the time. Setting up a writing practice has always been difficult for me, whether it’s creative writing of all kinds, keeping a journal (or those godforsaken morning pages when you’re in an Artist’s Way phase… two pages? longhand? before 6 a.m.? I mean, can Julia Cameron even comprehend the struggle of my tiny little-old-lady handwriting attempting to fill that much page real estate before the sun comes up?), and, now, blogging.

Here’s part of the problem: I don’t really like writing book reviews. I love Goodreads (insert big sloppy open-mouthed kiss here) because three or four pithy sentences dashed off immediately after reading seem so substantial. Plus, you get to click on stars that light up to reflect your opinions! And then other people fight with you about them and all your friends’ opinions about books live happily together in a big virtual literary Avenue Q! Yay the internets! But writing substantial book reviews on ANOTHER whole website with only my fake name on it where those thoughts have to stand alone and maybe be considered really mean and start flame wars (I’m looking at you, rage-filled thoughts about The Actor and the Housewife) AND take away valuable reading/living/watching Battlestar Galactica time to even maintain said site… that just gets me down.

So, in 2010, I’m going to embrace the idea that a school librarian’s book blog can not actually contain very many book reviews at all, and mostly just be all about showing up to the party with snacks. There are a bunch of reading challenges that I’ll be participating in (some of which I’m totally cheating on, since I’ve accidentally completed them in past years without even knowing it) and I’ll keep showing up for all-night reading marathons. Maybe I’ll even catch up on Goodreads (Goodreads, call me!) and figure out a way to feed my teeny tiny reviews here as I write them. But, mostly, just as I have firmly NOT resolved to make this the year that I lose 20 pounds and clean out my closets, I’m not going to make any particular resolution about blogging except to, y’know, occasionally remember that I have one. In fact, I may be setting up a “friends with benefits” relationship with my blog… I promise to take it to homecoming, no pressure, and we can totally make out in the back of my mom’s car and I can use its name on Mr. Linky to sign up for things, but it shouldn’t expect me to, like, call the next day, or anything.

P.S. I realize this is like the Dazed & Confused equivalent of a Bloggiesta kick-off post, but, well, I’m participating, andI suppose one should begin as one means to go on.

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  1. This has got to be, by far, the best Bloggiesta post I’ve read! Love the “friends with benefits” description!

  2. Loved your sense of humor – great post. I’ll check back for more. BTW, I love Goodreads for the same reasons!!!

  3. Great post! I’m in on the bloggiesta this year too!

    It’s good to know that there are others that like to give short reviews. I mainly just say whether I liked it or not, to much info is overwhelming, especially when you are reading a few reviews for the same book.

  4. Oh darn you! I was oblivious about Goodreads.. Now I have to sign up and keep it up.. *lol* seriously Thanx. I am afraid I am going to like it. Love your blog.

  5. hi! Saw your Q at Pam’s blog abt copyrights and footers. Here’s what I found:

    NOW – how did you get an RSS button on YOUR blog?

    • Thanks for the tip… I’m going with the “text widget at the end of your sidebar” copyright notice… not the prettiest, but certainly the quickest.

      As for RSS feeds, WordPress does them automatically, if you go to Appearance –> Widgets and drag RSS Links into your sidebar. You can set it to make feeds available for your posts, your comments, or both.

      • Thanks! I’m getting it figured out.

  6. LOL…. this is a great post. Have fun… sounds liek you already are. :)

  7. Ha, I love this post! I’m completely with you on the whole reviewing thing. I too can manage the brief, Goodreads type of reviews, but once I start trying to make it longer and go into more depth, I just sort of freeze up. If I’m having a conversation with someone about a book I loved or hated, I could go on for hours and run off into a million little tangents about the plot, characters, etc. But somehow the act of getting it into printed words screws me up every time (Heck, even this comment is a mess compared to the elegant, concise comment I have buried somewhere in my head).

  8. I watch Dazed and Confused once a year (and listen to the soundtrack more than that). I hear you on this book reviews business and I just want to say that for the record, I really love snacks. Especially popcorn. Which is a good snack analogy for a blog, I think. Write like popcorn.
    Hoping you have a great 2010,

  9. [...] First post of the year here at Dreadful Penny: Bloggiesta, Resolution-ish, and Book Blogging in General [...]

  10. I’m totally late to the party here but I loved this post! And you have to point me to the Actor and the Housewife post that you referenced. When I reviewed it, I mentioned it would be a love it or hate it book and I’m curious which side of the fence you fell.

  11. This post was a lot of fun, and short reviews sound good to me, too! My favorite review of all time was by a little girl who wrote me that reading my book made her happy. Now why can’t we adults write review like that?
    Thanks for the smiles!

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