Happy Blog Birthday, Biblio File!

Thanks for the opportunity/excuse to carve out an uninterrupted block of reading time before everything gets truly crazy for the holidays! I was happy to celebrate the blog birthday of one of my favorite reads, Biblio File, today by reading Ash by Malindo Lo and half of The Magician’s Ward by Patricia C. Wrede. The instructions were:

  1. Read for five consecutive hours: Check. (11:30-4:30 today)
  2. Read someplace you love reading: Check. (Started off lying around on our bed, then moved to the neighborhood diner for lunch, then headed to the new coffee shop down the street, then finished up on the couch in the living room. It was my first time in the new coffee shop, which didn’t have the perfect reading atmosphere what with the drafty front door and the widescreen TV with the Patriots game on, but I’m so excited to have an alternative to the Starbucks on the corner that I’ve been boycotting since we moved here that I’m here resolving to go back regularly for the chai and the principle of the thing.)
  3. Practice your other favorite reading rituals: Check. (Bed, Sunday afternoon, food, chai, sunbeams.)
  4. Read something you WANT to read, not something you HAVE to read: Check, and what a relief this was. (Picked two light fantasy reads off the giant stack of library books that have been gathering dust.)
  5. Blog about it: Check. (See… above?)

Blogging has been a challenge for me this year (and will probably be a big part of my upcoming New Year’s resolutions), but I’m so happy I started for two reasons: reading great blogs like Biblio File to stay on top of the avalanche of young adult books on the market, and having a forum for participating in this type of reading event. From the 48-Hour Book Challenge that got me started to Dewey’s Readathon that I missed this time around (but am ready for next year!) to this cool way to celebrate a blogging milestone, I feel closer to a community of readers when I participate in these events, less like carving out blocks of time to do this reading is selfish and more like it’s a personal and professional necessity. I’ve been doing a ton of “required reading” these days for work, Pulitzers, and the two book clubs I’m in, so I really need some motivation to dig into the books that I was excited to check out many moons ago, but have drifted to the bottom of my piles.

As for the books, neither disappointed. Ash was a sweet, sad read, and although I would have liked more scenes with Ash and Kaisa and the ending felt a bit rushed, I liked the idea of the King’s Huntresses as a strong line of powerful women in a key position at court. So far The Magician’s Ward is a great continuation of Mairelon the Magician, with Kim and thieves’ cant and the delightfully obtuse Mairelon and seriously the WORLD’S WORST COVERS and the budding romance all a-budding. I remember a fair bit of Regency lore from Jane Austen and sneaking my mom’s romance collection while she was at work (hi Mom!), and it’s a fun time period to revisit outside the confines of bodice-rippers.

So one more happy birthday to Biblio File, congratulations to Jennie, and praise be for a Sunday afternoon wrapped up in reading!

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  1. Thank you so much for coming to my birthday party! I’m jealous you got to read Ash. It’s been on my radar for a library but the library system I live in AND the library system I work in BOTH don’t have it. :(

  2. So, I’m finally getting around to sending out prizes for my birthday party! Please email me at kidsilkhaze at yahoo dot com so I can get yours in the mail!

    Thanks again for coming! It was so much fun. I hope you enjoyed it, too!

    • Presents! SCORE! Thanks (and I just emailed your my address.) Best.Birthday party. Ever.

  3. Ooh, wish I’d known about the birthday blog party–what a great set of instructions!! I’m quite envious. Fortunately, I have Ash in my TBR pile currently! I’m looking forward to reading it.

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